Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've answered several of the questions that people frequently ask when they consider an opportunity with Feld Entertainment®. We've also included information about our online job search process.

Job-Related Questions | Creative and Talent-Related Questions
Online Job Search Questions | Working Environment

Job-Related Questions

Can I submit a resume for jobs in several areas of the Company at the same time?
You can submit a resume for any number of open positions. Please make sure to reference the open position you wish to be considered for when responding to an ad.
Note: Individuals responding to job postings are considered applicants for a particular position only after they have been invited to complete the Company's official printed employment application form.

What is the interview process like?
It depends on where you are applying for a position. At the Corporate/Florida offices you will be called to come in for an interview. In many cases, you will meet with a Human Resources Department representative. (Certain positions also may require skill testing.) If all goes well, you can anticipate meeting with several other individuals before a decision to hire is made. This may require more than one visit to the offices. If you are applying for a position for one of our traveling productions, you will meet with the show manager. Of course, references will be checked before any offer of employment is extended.

I saw an ad for your open position. What is the salary range?
Feld Entertainment® offers competitive compensation. Salaries vary depending on the skills and years of experience required.

I sent my resume in a couple of days ago. How long will it take before I can schedule an interview?
Should a currently available position match well with your qualifications, you will be contacted to set up an interview appointment.

Do you have any part-time jobs?
Some business areas of the Company do offer part-time employment opportunities. Check the listings for current openings.

Creative and Talent-Related Questions

Do you have any openings in production?
Several divisions of the Company hire for production positions. Some of these positions may require that applicants be currently registered with the appropriate union. Search for available production positions under our Current Openings.

I am a performer. How do I get my resume and photos (video tape) to you?
Performers who are selected for our shows are first submitted to our Talent and Production and casting departments. The Talent and Production or casting department will interview and preview your talent and/or act and will handle all aspects of the hiring process.

I'm a skater. What should I send you?
For information on submission guidelines, check out the Feld Entertainment® Performer section.

I'm a musician. What should I send you?
You should submit a resume with your background and experience to Feld Entertainment - Human Resources, 8607 Westwood Center Drive, Vienna, VA 22182
Phone: (703) 749-5538, Fax: 888 832-4421, Email:

Online Job Search Questions

How will I know my resume information has been received?
If you are submitting a resume online, you will receive a response by email indicating that the information has been received.

How can I be sure that a position I apply for online hasn't already been filled?
Positions are only posted online for the period it is available. Every effort will be made to remove job postings as soon as a position is filled. You will receive an acknowledgment of resume receipt and will be contacted if your resume information is a match with the requirements of the open position.

What should I do if I discover a mistake in my resume after I've submitted it?
Once the resume information has been sent, it will be necessary to re-submit the correct resume. Your information will be updated in the database.

Once I've submitted my resume online, who has access to it? Can I request that only the supervisors for the job(s) I select have access to my professional information?
All resume information received by the Company is considered confidential and will be made available only to individuals whose position within our Company indicates a need to view that information. 

Working Environment at Feld Entertainment®

What is the dress code at Feld Entertainment®?
Some business areas, such as our Traveling Shows, Ice Departments, and some support functions do have specific grooming guidelines. In most other areas of the Company, Associates dress appropriately for the job function or work they are performing.


I am doing a school project. Will you please answer a number of questions for me and/or provide me with some materials?
We are complimented by the fact that people voluntarily approach us for advice, counseling, company background, career information, survey participation, or to request informational interviews. Because of the diversity of our organization, it is difficult for us to accommodate the many requests that we receive. Please contact our Corporate Communications or Public Relations Department for more comprehensive information on our Company.

What are the health benefits at the Company?
The Company offers benefit packages that are attractive and competitive. An overview is listed in the benefits section of this site and more detailed information is available during the interview process.

How many Associates work at Feld Entertainment®?
There are approximately 2,500 Associates at Feld Entertainment® throughout the world.



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