Performer Auditions

The Scoop On Skating With Us  

We welcome your interest in joining the ranks of some of the finest professional skaters in the industry. If you should become part of Feld Entertainment®'s Disney On Ice team, you'll be among an elite cast of performers selected to appear in the world's most popular ice shows.  

In order to qualify for consideration, you must be at a junior/senior level, have strong edge and acting skills and possess a high potential for teamwork. Performers are judged individually based on strength, ability, presentation, style, personality and overall attitude.  

All of our skaters in the show must be at least 17 years of age and a high school graduate. We do accept portfolios and may request an audition prior to graduation. To begin the audition process, please send a portfolio including a resume, pictures and video.  

Check the FAQs below for more information on becoming one of our esteemed skating professionals.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I audition?
To begin the audition process, please send a portfolio which includes a resume, pictures and video.

Send Portfolios to:
Ice Creative Casting
2001 US Hwy 301
Palmetto, FL 34221
Fax: 941.349.4280

Lisa Scuffell
Judy Thomas


What to put on a video?
The video should be 3-6 minutes in length and include an introduction of yourself prior to performing all elements - jumps, spins, footwork and combinations. It should also include recent exhibition numbers showing personality and performance skills. We want to see you shine!  

What to put on a 'skating resume/CV'?
Skating resume/CV should include all skating accomplishments as well as full name, address, phone, fax, email, height, weight, date of birth and if you have a passport.  

What should I wear in the video and pictures?
Please wear appropriate skating attire in the video. Not loose or baggy clothing. Clothes should properly allow you to perform all elements well as well as show style. The full length photo does not have to be in skating attire, however we do ask that this picture not be in loose or baggy clothing, long skirts or formal gowns.  

What Jumps do I need to do?
We do not require specific freestyle elements. On the video, please show the highest level of jumps that you do consistently. If you do not jump, please indicate this in your resume. We audition many skaters with varied skating backgrounds whether it may be freestyle, pair, ice dance, acrobatic or comedic.  

Do you have to be a specific height and weight?
No. Although in casting we may be filling a position that requires a certain height. As far as weight, we look for a healthy, fit look and judge appearance on an individual basis based on 'look'.  

How many openings do you have?
This depends on our turnover. We currently employ over 450 skater in 8 productions worldwide.  

Do you hold personal auditions?
Should a personal audition be required, we contact the skaters after receiving their portfolios and set up an audition when we performing in their area. As always, we welcome portfolios to be set to us anytime throughout the year. However, the optimum timing would be to send a portfolio to us 6 weeks prior to one of our shows performing in their area. That way, if a personal audition is required, we would have enough to time make the arrangements.  

For more information please contact Casting at 941-721-1234 or (941) 349-4848  

Ice Creative Casting
2001 US Hwy 301
Palmetto, FL 34221
Fax: 941.349.4280  

Lisa Scuffell
Judy Thomas  

Disney Live! Show Auditions  

We are seeking motivated performers at least 18 years of age or older with a high level of fitness, coordination, stamina and energy. We are casting dancers, character performers, acrobats, tumblers, puppeteers, actors, vocalists and magicians. Specialty skills such as adagio, trampoline, in-line skating and foreign language skills are a plus.

When attending a Disney Live! audition, all candidates will first be required to learn a dance combination. Be prepared to learn and perform a variety of dance styles, as well as demonstrate any specialty skills if requested. 

To find out about our upcoming auditions, check this website as well as the Disney Live! Facebook page periodically. Disney Live! auditions will be updated and posted as they are scheduled throughout the year.

Ladies, please arrive with performance ready hair worn away from the face and neutral stage make-up. Gentlemen, arrive clean shaven. No hats please. Please wear fitted dance or athletic attire. Oversized garments/layers will need to be removed for the audition. 

Auditions for all shows/roles are held periodically throughout the year. Contracts run approximately 6-9 months with competitive pay, full benefits and domestic and international travel. We currently have 5 shows touring this season. Casting occurs year round in conjunction with individual tour schedules. 

We recommend attending a live audition for the best casting consideration. If you are unable to attend one of our auditions and would like to join our stage show family, we will accept your cover letter, headshot, resume and audition reel at:

We look forward to seeing you under the lights on one of our stage show spectaculars very soon!  

Feld Entertainment, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer.