Behold An Empire Built On Big Funny Shoes

Call it a coup d'entertainment, if you will. A masterful capturing of the hearts of audiences in more than 70 countries and six continents since the company's inception in 1967: a feat that makes Feld Entertainment® the largest provider of live family entertainment in the world. And it's no wonder, really. Armed with the magic that makes everyone feel like a kid again, how could anyone resist? In fact, more than 30 million people flock to Feld Entertainment's productions every year. On any given day, families from every corner of the globe rush to take their seats at more than 30 live performances that bear the Feld Entertainment name. And in offices and production facilities worldwide, more than 3000 employees fill their days finding new ways to thrill, dazzle and delight audiences so they keep coming back for more.  

Irvin Takes The Circus World For A Loop

When Irvin Feld emerged in the 50's to fulfill his destiny as "The Greatest Showman on Earth," it was as if he had arrived solely to give the circus a new lease on life. From the clutches of obsolescence, he took the run-down production and nurtured it back to health for the benefit of generations to come. Irvin saw the declining show was in dire need of rejuvenation to compete in the marketplace and he had just the prescription to resuscitate it. A rock and roll promoter with bigger-than-life dreams and a tireless fervor to fuel them, Irvin Feld used his entrepreneurial savvy to enable the show to tour year-round and continually draw crowds. Soon Mr. Feld owned the circus in every way but on paper. With his purchase of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® in 1967, Irvin could finally unleash the inspiration that would transform the production into the lavish spectacle he envisioned. Now the world would know a circus so timeless that families would be able to experience the thrill of wonderment one generation after another. In addition to creating a second and equally outstanding touring unit, Irvin Feld's innovations included television specials, national ad campaigns and creative public relations. With these efforts and the many that followed, Irvin catapulted Ringling Bros. back to its rightful place as America's premier entertainment experience. Thanks to Feld Entertainment, The Greatest Show On Earth® now has the proud distinction of being the only source of live family entertainment to have performed nonstop in three centuries!  

Kenneth Builds A Kingdom

Having worked in all aspects of production since joining the company in 1970, Kenneth Feld was steeped in the circus business and primed to pick up where his father left off. After Irvin Feld's death in 1984, Kenneth would not only uphold the legacy his father had created, he would expand it, glorify it and perfect it in the entrepreneurial tradition that Irvin had started. After all, Kenneth had the same Feld fervor but visions of his own to bring to fruition. With the circus as the hub, the gem of his jewel case, Kenneth set out to build and ultimately create the live action empire of enterprises we know today as Feld Entertainment.  

Kenneth Puts Mickey On Ice

Together, Irvin and Kenneth had seen the promise of adding Ice Follies and the North-American production of Holiday On Ice to their operation in 1980. Having revitalized the lackluster ice show, they created a new and dazzling lure for audiences to enjoy. Another success had been wrought by the Feld duo. But for Kenneth, this was no place to rest. He had his eye on the big brass ring. And it had mouse ears attached to it. Kenneth pursued the attention of Disney in hopes of obtaining worldwide rights for the use of their much-loved personalities in arena shows. In 1981, when Walt Disney's World On Ice became a Feld Entertainment reality, Kenneth's instincts hit paydirt and his kingdom became an even more enchanted place. Because along the way, a new genre of entertainment had been born. The first full-length story on ice had been told. Thirty-three Disney On Ice shows later, the popularity of these fanciful tales lives on.  

The Felds Weave Magic Of Their Own

Around the same time that Irvin and Kenneth started working with the world-famous Mickey Mouse, a relatively unknown duo of magicians caught their eye. To the Felds, the potential of Siegfried & Roy® was as apparent as their exuberant style. Before you could say abracadabra, the Felds transformed the illusionists' act into a magical multi-million dollar phenomenon, a lavish showcase for their unique talents and charismatic personalities. One of the most extravagant productions in Vegas history, Feld Entertainment produced Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage Hotel until 2005, making it one of the all time greatest attendance attractions ever, with performances for more than 25 millions guests.  

Our Regards To Broadway

Not to be omitted from any major live performance venue, Feld Entertainment has contributed to the great stage offerings of Broadway and Off-Broadway. As producers of Barnum, Big, and Fool Moon, the company wowed thespian lovers with their fun-for-the-whole-family fare. Recognized for outstanding theatrical achievements, both Barnum and Fool Moon garnered Tony Awards®. Other Feld Entertainment stage productions include GoosebumpsTM-Live on Stage!, MADhattanSM and George Lucas' Super Live AdventureSM

Start Your Engines with Feld Motor Sports

Started by Feld Entertainment in 2008, Feld Motor Sports, Inc. is the world leader in producing and promoting specialized arena and stadium-based motor sports entertainment with more than 600 performances worldwide, attracting over five million fans a year. Feld Motor Sports live events transport fans from the ordinary to the extraordinary through spectacular displays of sights, sound, and speed…a place where monster trucks crash and smash, off-road motorcycles race, flip and whip, and dragsters light up the night on ½ mile strips.

Produced and promoted Feld Motor Sports live events include Monster Jam®, Monster Energy® Supercross, AMA Arenacross Series and Nuclear Cowboyz®.


Charitable Giving

Feld Entertainment's charitable contributions build on the strengths and values of the company. Whether it is in youth and education, civic and human services, or animal care and conservation, Feld Entertainment, strives to be an exemplary corporate citizen. In each community that Feld Entertainment visits, the company gives contributions whether cash or in-kind, to organizations that assist underserved individuals. Read more  

A Commitment to the Endangered Asian Elephant

For Children Of All Ages, a trip to The Greatest Show On Earth often creates their most vivid impression of the animal kingdom. Every day, we introduce spectators to the beauty and wonder of majestic animals, like the Asian elephant. And we do it in ways that touch their hearts and minds for a lifetime. But the sad fact is, only 35,000 Asian elephants remain. So in 1995, Feld Entertainment established the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation® to protect and preserve this magnificent species. A 200-acre, multi-million dollar facility for the reproduction, and study of the Asian elephant, we are proud to report that 26 calves have been born under the Center For Elephant Conservation's auspices in the last fifteen years. To ensure the elephants' ultimate survival, the veterinary and animal care professionals of the Center also share their extraordinary knowledge of the species with concerned veterinary researchers around the world. 

Tying It Altogether

Kenneth FeldOrchestrating thousands of people, props and sets around the world to create shows that live up to the Feld Entertainment standard is a task unlike any other in the world. So what makes it all worthwhile? According to Kenneth Feld, Chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment,Inc., the answer is in the smiles. "My greatest reward is audience appreciation. Children wave, dance, sing along and shout with glee. Adults applaud, tap their toes to the music, laugh out loud and watch the radiant joy of the kids. Our productions create memories, stimulate the imagination and touch the heart. It's all about people communicating and connecting."