Statement on Sarah the Elephant

Sarah, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey elephant on the Red Unit, is healthy. The most recent allegations by Animal Defenders International (ADI) are not only false but grossly out of context. The facts are, following the final show in Anaheim, Calif., Sarah escorted by her handlers up the loading ramp into the elephant train car when she shifted her position, backing down the ramp, causing her to lose her balance, where she kneeled and roll down the ramp onto the ground. It took approximately ten minutes for her handlers to allow Sarah to reposition herself and stand on her own, which she did. Sarah was immediately examined by a Ringling Bros. veterinary technician as well as animal control officers who were present during the incident. They found that she received minor abrasions but was otherwise in good condition. Following her examination Sarah was accompanied up the ramp and entered the train car without incident.  She has also been examined by a Ringling Bros. veterinarian, and a follow up visit in Ontario by animal control officers found her to be good health. It is appalling that ADI would manipulate an incident and the public to further their agenda.