Join Our Cast of Professionals For
the Greatest Performance of Your Career.

You're a talented, hard-working individual. You bring something special to your job, and naturally, you're looking for something special in return. Well, how about a standing ovation? Or maybe the nervous jitters of thousands of children watching trapeze artists for the first time? Or the elated voices of family members recounting circus moments at the dinner table?

When you become part of the Feld Entertainment® team, you have a whole world of things to feel good about that other employers simply can't touch. Because every position is, in some way, linked to the excitement that our live performances generate. We are the inspiration behind the laughter and millions of smiles. We make magic for a living. And we're looking for all kinds of gifted "magicians" to reap the rewards that such worthwhile endeavors bring.

What's more, we'll do our best to keep you once you're here. With competitive salaries, outstanding benefits, advancement opportunities, interesting working environments and some of the most fun people you'd ever hope to meet -- Feld Entertainment® offers the kind of careers that make you feel appreciated.

If you've ever wanted to be in show business, we can show you the beauty of it. Come. Explore the many positions offered at our multiple locations throughout the world or even on one of our traveling shows. If you find a match, by all means, submit your resume. We're looking forward to meeting you.