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Introducing Monster Jam Ramped Up with the New Monstergon!


The all-new Monster Jam Ramped Up™ featuring the Monstergon™ will make its worldwide debut in Birmingham, England, from March 29-31, and at select 2024 events in Europe.

The Monstergon™ is a multi-sided metal ramp that launches Monster Jam trucks as they attempt fan-favorite stunts, like massive sky wheelies, big-air jumps and amazing backflips.

Photo of El Toro Loco jumping the Monstergon with Monster Jam Ramped Up logo

The Monstergon™ has been designed and perfected to deliver all of the excitement and thrills that fans have come to know and love at a Monster Jam event.

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Tickets for the Utilita Arena Birmingham March 29-31 event are available on, going on-sale on 15th December at 9am.

Q&A: Monster Jam Ramped Up™

1. What is Monster Jam Ramped Up™?

Monster Jam Ramped Up is an event format featuring the Monstergon™, a multi-sided ramp that launches the Monster Jam® trucks as they attempt fan-favorite stunts.

2. What is the size and scale of the Monstergon?

The Monstergon is a steel ramp with five unique ramps, six ramps in total, that stands four feet high.

3. Where will Monster Jam Ramped Up events take place?

Monster Jam Ramped Up will be introduced at several international Monster Jam arena events in 2024.

4. Why is Monster Jam introducing this? Why only in Europe? Is it coming to the US or other markets?

Monster Jam Ramped Up will allow Monster Jam to appear in venues and markets where procuring dirt can be a challenge, or the facility does not permit its use.

5. Is Monster Jam now scripted or predictable?

Absolutely not! Monster Jam continues to rely on the ingenuity and skill of the world’s best drivers to deliver action-packed arena excitement—big air jumps, sky wheelies, cyclone donuts, 2-wheel skills, racing and backflips—that is never scripted.

6. Doesn’t Monster Jam rely on dirt?

Our team has spent years engineering and innovating to create a steel apparatus that can deliver the same event experience as a Monster Jam event on dirt.

7. Is this the same as Thunder Nationals? What makes this better than Thunder Nationals? What makes this different than other non-dirt monster truck events?

Monster Jam is committed to delivering action-packed excitement and skills and stunts only seen at Monster Jam.

8. What about safety?

Safety is paramount at Monster Jam. We have rigorously tested the Monstergon and trained Monster Jam staff to ensure the highest level of safety.

9. What about your track construction team and equipment?

We continue to utilize our track crew and construction equipment to load in the Monstergon and other event equipment, as well as to assist with truck recoveries.

10. Are the trucks and drivers the same as other Monster Jam events?

Yes. Monster Jam Ramped Up is still the only place to see the world’s best drivers and the legendary Grave Digger®, El Toro Loco® and Megalodon®.

11. Who designed and/or built the Monstergon?

The Monstergon was designed by the dedicated team at Monster Jam and is proprietary to Monster Jam.