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When you join our elite cast of professional skaters, you’ll thrive with the highest caliber skating opportunities in the industry and the chance to explore a variety of skating disciplines. You’ll be welcomed into a supportive community of fellow skaters who share your passion for excellence. Here, you’ll not only get paid to do what you love, you’ll also enjoy the excitement of touring the world!




We are immediately seeking:

  • Figure Skaters to portray the role of Asha

We are also still accepting portfolios for all Disney On Ice cast member roles, including:

  • Figure Skaters
  • Freestyle/Ramp Skaters
  • Aerialists/Acrobats/Gymnasts
  • Live Speaking Hosts

✓ 18 years of age or older
✓ High school graduate
✓ Junior/senior skating level
✓ Strong edge and theatrical skills
✓ Ability to work as part of a team/team player

To begin the audition process, please email your portfolio, including resume, pictures and video to [email protected]. Please ensure video is in landscape/horizontal view, no slow motion or sped up images, and can be shared via email and available for download.

For questions please email: [email protected]


What should I put on an audition video?
The video should be three to six minutes in length and include an introduction of yourself prior to performing all elements – jumps, spins, footwork and combinations. It should also include recent exhibition numbers showing personality and performance skills. We want to see you shine!

What should I put on a ‘skating resume/CV’?
Skating resume/CV should include all skating accomplishments as well as full name, address, phone, email, height, weight, date of birth and whether or not you currently hold a passport.

What should I wear in the video and pictures?
For the video, please wear appropriate skating attire. Not loose or baggy clothing. Clothes should properly allow you to perform all elements well as well as show style. The full-length photo does not have to be in skating attire, however we do ask that this picture not be in loose or baggy clothing, long skirts or formal gowns.

What jumps do I need to do?
We do not require specific freestyle elements. On the video, please show the highest level of jumps that you do consistently. If you do not jump, please indicate this in your resume. We audition many skaters with varied skating backgrounds, be it freestyle, pair, ice dance, synchro, acrobatic or comedic.

Do I have to be a specific height or weight?
No. Although in casting we may be filling a position that requires a certain height. We look for a healthy, fit look and evaluate appearance on an individual basis.

How many openings do you have?
This number varies. We employ around 400 cast members in 6-8 productions worldwide.

Do you hold personal auditions?
Should we have an opportunity to do a personal audition, we will contact you after receiving your portfolio to set up an audition when we’re performing in your area. The optimum timing would be to send a portfolio to us six weeks prior to one of our shows performing in your area. That way, if a personal audition is required, we will have enough time to make arrangements. As always, we welcome portfolios to be sent to us anytime throughout the year.

Feld Entertainment, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer.