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Purchasing Policy

FELD Entertainment has basic requirements for suppliers with whom we are conducting business. The following information is provided to assist suppliers in understanding some of FELD’s procedures, policies and practices that are designed to lend continuity to our supplier/customer relationships. This brief outline is intended to be a general overview and not a complete summary. The purchasing staff is able to provide additional details where necessary.

  1. Product Quality: FELD expects suppliers to furnish quality products that conform to industry standards and customer demands on a consistent and ongoing basis.
  2. Product Delivery: Lead time for orders shall be agreed upon between FELD and its supplier upon purchase order placement. Unless otherwise informed by the Supplier, FELD would expect the item to be “in stock”. Any changes or anticipated changes to lead-times must be communicated to FELD’s Purchasing Department, specifically the Buyer.
  3. New Products: FELD encourages and expects suppliers to introduce new ideas and products into our business. Through this constantly increasing product knowledge, FELD ENTERTAINMENT is able to offer value added services. This premise is a foundation to our long-term supplier relationships.
  4. Pricing: FELD ENTERTAINMENT desires long-term, win-win relationships that provide an assurance of continuous business. In exchange for volume considerations and long-term agreements, we expect our suppliers to commit to stable pricing and price decreases. When necessary, any proposed price increases must be presented for approval at least six months prior to the effective date of the change if no agreement is in place. Otherwise, at least three months notice shall be given before the expiration of the contract or Agreement with FELD. Of course, any price increase must be substantiated and “earned” through performance during the preceding period.
  5. Warranty: FELD ENTERTAINMENT requests our suppliers to provide at least a one-year warranty covering both parts and labor, if applicable. Suppliers are required to provide a corrective action plan on product warranty issues, which details the disposition and corrective action on defective parts. Supplier shall pay freight to return defective merchandise at the address indicated on the Return Authorization Form provided. Supplier shall process all returns initiated due to defective product promptly and credit issued within 30 days of return.
  6. Supplier Visitation: FELD ENTERTAINMENT requests that suppliers meet with Purchasing at least annually to review the status of the products or services supplied with regards to Supplier Performance as defined herein.
  7. Rental Equipment: FELD ENTERTAINMENT requests that the National Representative handles the process of calling all rental equipment “Off Rent”.  Purchasing will have start and end dates in the comment section of the purchase order.