The following is the text of a letter from Feld Entertainment that was sent to 60 Minutes on December 10, 2002, in response to a request for information regarding an on-going legal matter. Since this case is currently in litigation, Feld Entertainment must refrain from additional comment.

Contents of the Letter to 60 Minutes:

We are writing regarding your inquiry to us about Pottker et al. v. Feld et al.

As you are aware, this case is in litigation in the court system, and the legal process is often a lengthy one. This process is deliberative and careful, and the legal cycle often does not match the news cycle.

Balance and accuracy are important in all stories, and we understand your request for information from us about this matter. You and your viewers should know, however, that there are protective orders in place that have been issued by the court in this case. This means the parties are restricted in what we can say about this case, and we are not able to discuss the information your viewers would need to have a full and accurate understanding of the facts. Since the beginning of this matter, Feld Entertainment and related parties have denied the allegations in this case, and we are vigorously defending our position. We will continue to do so, but, because of the court's orders, will have to refrain from any further comment at this time.


Julie Alexa Strauss, Corporate Counsel

# # #

Contact: Feld Entertainment Media Center (703) 448-4120 or Catherine Ort-Mabry (703) 749-5505

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